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Lena Siep Moderatorin Journalistin Motorsport Automobil Automotive


A passion for fast cars, inspiring people and great stories.

Lena Siep holds a Bachelor in communication sciences from the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Germany, and the University of Athens in Greece. During her studies, she already worked as a journalist and marketing trainee for a major German publishing house where she supervised, among other things, sponsorship deals with the 2004 Summer Olympics and the German Touring Car Championship.

Her personal passion for motorsport eventually led her to begin a career as press officer for a Formula 1 team.

She then moved to Great Britain to become European and later Global PR Manager for British sports car manufacturer McLaren Automotive. Her job did not only provide her with the opportunity to travel the world, but also to perform in front of camera and on numerous stages where she hosted press events of all kinds.

Since 2013 Lena has been working as a freelance TV host, journalist and PR consultant, dividing her time between the UK and Germany. Her areas of expertise range from mobility and motorsport to technology, sustainability and lifestyle.

With her expertise in public relations she successfully helps her clients to develop media strategies and creative concepts to turn corporate key messages into inspirational stories for print, online and social media.

As a host she has been a regular in the most important European racing series including Formula 1, World Endurance Championship, German Touring Car Championship, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Nürburgring, as well as the ADAC GT Masters. Since its inception in 2016, she has also been a part of the electric racing series Formula E.

And yet another passion has made it into her professional skillset: classical music. As a matter of fact, cars and music fit perfectly together, as Lena proves with features about famous conductors, musicians and their passion for fast cars. She also regularly hosts chamber music performances of renown orchestras such as the Duisburg Philharmonic.

As a presenter, she is therefore highly esteemed beyond the automotive industry and regularly seen on stage and in front of the camera. Among other things, she reports from inspirational technology conferences, moderates business panel discussions and is often booked as a host of high-profile events in industry, culture and politics.

As a writer she contributes to corporate magazines such as Christophorus, Porsche Klassik, ettore, Mercedes Benz Classic and numerous motorsport and news magazines such as The Paddock Magazine and Handelsblatt. Her texts have also been featured in a number of automotive books, such as “Landy Love” (2017), “Beetle-Love” (2018) and “Trabi Love” (2019).

She writes in English and German.


Host of live events and conferences, TV and youtube presenter, facilitator of panel and talk formats, interviews, award nights, host of classical concerts,  motorsport reporter

Creative concepts and scripts for live events and on-screen moderation

Key topics: motorsport, automotive, mobility, technology, Artificial Intelligence, digitalisation, sustainability, economy, politics, science, society, culture, classical music

Languages: German, English, French, Greek


Creative concept, project management and realisation of print features for magazines, special interest titles and corporate publications

Video production and editing for TV and social media

Excellent network of highly talented and specialised photographers and production crews in UK and Germany

Topics: Automotive, mobility, motorsport, technology, personality

Texts in German and English


PR and corporate communication strategy, content planning, media relations, corporate communications, creative storytelling, press event management

Planning and realisation of text, photo and video productions to build awareness and brand image

Editing and distributing effective press releases that gain media attention (in German and English)

Support and management of media events and press conferences

Excellent contacts to media representatives and journalists in automotive, mobility and lifestyle in Germany and Europe

Languages: English, German, French

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