Presenter, Writer, PR Consultant Lena Siep

Equipped with a highly contagious curiosity and a keen sense of how brands and products can make for inspiring stories to create something unique. This is the very essence of the work of Lena – whether as a writer, a presenter on camera or as a communication expert.

As a former PR manager she knows the importance of compelling communication. As a passionate journalist she loves clear words, emotional stories and well-researched facts. And as a host on stage and in front of the camera she creates awareness for every brand: with eloquence, charm and authentic enthusiasm.

Successful communication is the art of transforming words into positive images –  in every language. No problem for Lena: she is as fluent in German as she is in English, French and Greek. Her happy customers include some of the most successful brands and forward-thinking businesses in the world.

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Presenter & Event Host

Event, Sports, Social Media, TV

With more than ten years on stage and in front of the camera, Lena Siep brings the right amount of experience and professionalism to make your event a guaranteed success. Charming, authentic and well-versed , Lena quickly familiarises herself even with the most complex of topics thanks to her journalistic skills which makes her a safe pair of hands. She speaks four languages fluently and has been a host of countless events and shootings worldwide, i.a. for Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Panasonic, Bosch, Vodafone and many other renowned companies.

If you are looking for a competent and refreshing presenter who is always on the ball, does not shy away from difficult topics, is enthusiastic about the subject and transmits that to the audience, then don’t hesitate to contact Lena for an unbinding quotation.

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Mobility, People, Lifestyle

Storytelling is nothing more than discovering stories that are worth telling. No matter how much media consumption is changing through digital disruptions, people still love good stories. That’s what commits them to a brand, stimulates their imagination and remains in their memories.

Lena Siep finds them: the extraordinary perspectives, the remote areas, the impressive personalities and the small, meaningful details that give every company a soul.

In addition, she writes with passion and expertise about an industry that always remains exciting and socially relevant. Mobility and humans… where are we headed next? And how?

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